Naturist Resort Mexico – Playa Sonrisa

Mexican Naturist Resort Playa Sonrisa:
Naturist Resort Mexico- For those who despise winter and dearly miss being nude outdoors in sunlight, Mexico is definitely a destination to consider in late December (and almost every other month of the year).
Attractive beaches on the ocean, gulf, and sea with warm tropical weather throughout the year, and there you’ve I remember as an early teen going to the creek close to where I was. for escaping a winter awful-land.
After some distressed searching for an affordable last minute deal at a naturist resort abroad (not simple to find this year), we finally seen Playa Sonrisa, a clothing optional resort on the Caribbean Sea coast of Mexico.
Getting to Playa Sonrisa is about a 4 to 5 hour drive from Cancun. Nevertheless, do not let the added travel time discourage you because I can assure that it’s well worth the trip.
If you are buying a peaceful nudist resort in Mexico, this an ideal spot to get away from everything!
With six beachfront guest rooms on the property, you always have the option to find silent and never feel overcrowded.
The Villa also has a patio and bar on the rooftop with a great view. These flats are gorgeous, so I wouldn’t hesitate to return.
Fantastic Naturist Resort Mexico – Playa Sonrisa
A number of steps from our door, the sea could easily occupy a complete day with skinny-dipping, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, or just curling up with a book while sunbathing nude on the beach. Merely beyond their dock are mini coral reefs to discover with angel fish, lobsters, and a slew of other types of small tropical sea creatures.
With the usage of your rental car, it’s a fast trip to the dive shop in the nearby fishing village of Xcalak for scuba divers who want to explore the coral reefs off the coast. These reefs, protected within a marine reserve, are especially healthy and brilliant.
I took their introductory class as a first-time diver, and had a surreal new encounter in my first 40-foot dive.
Mealtimes at the resort were scheduled for 2-3 hour increments each day, I am not sure the way to decide one encounter as my first, and night, and the food was superb. Continental breakfast was included with the room, while lunch and dinner were at an additional, but quite fair cost.
Highlights were the delectable homemade muffins and bread, Mexican lunch cuisine like quesadillas, and the creative, innovative soups served at dinner.

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Food was served in their enchanting bar and restaurant with tables indoors and outside on the veranda.
Overall, Playa Sonrisa had more of a bed and breakfast vibe than a resort, but this is not a bad thing. Over the course of our stay we had the delight of getting to know the owners, Donn and Cindy Murphy who are such warm, down-to-earth individuals and make you feel right at home.
Plus, among its finest features is how affordable it is. To my pleasant surprise, the guests staying there with us turned out to be other young couples, who would likely find these rates more attractive than at other naturist resorts in Mexico like like Hidden Beach.
What it comes down to is that if you are buying glitzy resort with five nude swimming pools, this really isn’t it. If you should be looking to completely kick back, relish the simple pleasures of sand and sea with no clothes or worries, Playa Sonrisa might be an ideal option.
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and cofounder of Naturist Portal.


Broadly based on the defunct NLC, NNLC intended to concentrate on legal challenges and lobbying efforts. Membership would be open to individuals rather than to organizations. The committee members responsible for the startup of NNLC were: Lee Beverage, Cec Cinder, Ron Burich (the first chair), George McCormick, Mary Lou Schloss, Durand Steiger, and Turner Stokes. To NNLC’s advantage, it had the support of both FKK and ASA. Likely the most important accomplishment of NNLC was its sponsorship of the February 25, 1989 Legal Conference on Nude Recreation held at the Dulles Airport Holiday Inn in northern Virginia. Suggested initially by Robert Ellis Smith of Rhode Island, the conference allowed NNLC and lawyers involved in nudity cases the opportunity to share guidance and to plan combined strategies for defending naturist independence across North America. NNLC struggled nonetheless, to turn itself into a cohesive and powerful political force. Its direction structure never quite solidified and financing was always a problem. Without adequate funds, NNLC was unable to meet its aims of mounting court challenges to anti-nudity policies or of acquiring lobbyists when needed.


The Association For Clothes Free Rights was formed at the Eastern Gathering in June 1989, again with the aim of satisfying legal challenges. Replacing the NNLC, ACFRI was deemed “all inclusive.” ACFRI hoped to identify specific, winnable legal cases that would have a positive effect on clothes-free living. In addition, it intended to become more powerful in public relations and in controlling how the media and therefore the general citizenry would see clothing-free rights. In many people’s minds however, the most useful function of ACFRI was that, for some time, it bridged the gap between FKK and the ASA. In the late 1980s the ASA remained securely aligned with the particular interests of its associated naturist clubs. It understood its role to be an umbrella organization that would protect and cultivate the business interests of ASA clubs (and not always the many non-ASA clubs, and surely not the free beaches). FKK had emerged as the only effective voice for clothes-optional use of public properties. Although ASA at the time claimed it could take care of everyone’s needs who wanted to enjoy social nudity, that target was clearly not within the organization’s skill or want. FKK on the other hand, did want to make naturism inclusive but wasn’t in a position to offer that sort of legal help or company advice to the landed clubs that ASA was experienced in providing. I think my intro to nudism was at my boyfriend’s house back in the 90’s.. , hence, was assumed to be link for the two organizations, with complete allegiance to neither.

ACFRI was to be a membership-based and membership-managed group. It expected to receive its funds from important contributors and individual memberships. Its initial nine member board was selected from experienced naturist leaders across the US and Canada. So far in the development of unified, or at least unifying, naturist/fkk coordination, FKK and Lee Baxandall had been playing double roles. On the one hand Baxandall used FKK to press for an powerful force to fulfill anti-nudity challenges, and he definitely wanted to have a guiding hand in each of their manifestations. At the same time he expected to see a competent group of grassroots-oriented naturists come and take the reins themselves. FKK continuingly supplied My first trip to a nudist resort was neither casual nor spontaneous. in its assemblies for formative assemblies, and CWS was consistently accessible to report on the groups’ efforts and successes.

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A Guest Adolescent Naturist Private Story

(Guest Nudist Blog About Being A Teen and Nudism)
A Teenage Nudist Is Born:
My Teenage Nudist Narrative – Shortly after arriving in London, I saw an advertisement in Time Out magazine asking for folks to join a nudist club in Kent. I arrived at Eureka nudist resort near Longfield early one evening.
Having never been naked in a public place before, I was a bit embarrassed initially and was frightened to take off my clothes for about the first 10 minutes. Afterward, being determined to take the plunge and get nude, I took off all my clothing suddenly and quite promptly and was never embarrassed about it again after While in school, I went with some friends from my dorm to a shore just south of Santa Cruz. . It’d been something that I had always wanted to do since I went through puberty at the age of 11 or 12 and entered my teen years.
When undressing at night, I would have this rapturous feeling and would walk around naked in my own room for about fifteen to twenty minutes each night looking at myself in the mirror.
I was usually considered to have grown up “too quickly”, but what my parents and other people at the time didn’t realize was that, probably due to my early puberty, I was in some kind of spiritual rapture much of the time, which came to me from a variety of sources such as listening to creative music, looking up at a starry heavens at night, going for long walks in the nation and becoming aroused by the changes in my own body.
It was also about that time which I saw images of a naked primitive tribe sitting around a fire in a magazine and I decided that, after I was old, or, just as I ever got the chance, I would travel someplace where it was possible to be nude all the time. My mother saw me naked consistently at that time in the house and afterwards, when I was a teenager around the age of 15, some girls at school had stripped all the clothes off me, while they were having a prank (which I appreciated), but my visit to Eureka was the very first time that I was nude in public and among total strangers. [flv: ../../upload/20.jpg 100% 300]

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
Check it

Nonetheless, it did not take me long to get used to it. Luckily, I was good-looking and had an excellent body and loved women looking at me nude and there was not the emphasis in the media at that time like there’s nowadays about sizes of genitals and of breasts etc.
Teen Naturist At Eureka Nudist Club
There is also a lot of paranoia now about photographs of nude teenagers. Personally, I loved having my photograph taken for Health & Efficiency magazine, which occurred several times when I was at Eureka. Yet, I did find that there were several unwanted kinds hanging around Eureka amongst the elderly men, which is why I decided the next year, instead of going back to Eureka, to join Fiveacres Country Club in St. Albans, just north of London, which purported to be a more serious naturist club, and I also went to nude swimming sessions at Watford one night each week.
Unfortunately, I never saw the picture, which I ‘d have loved to have seen, and never discovered whether it was ever released.
Before that year, I had also remained for a short span in a hippie commune that has been started up by Bill Dwyer, coordinator of the ill fated Windsor Free Festival, which took place later the same year at Windsor Great Park, and ended up with the police beating everyone out of the park with truncheons. For some reason, although that was all over the news at the time, it became immediately forgotten about. In Bill Dwyer’s commune, which was supposed to be practicing free love, we all slept naked in an area at the rear and there were two really hot-looking young teen girls there, both aged 17, one of whom I managed to have a short fling with.
In 1977, at the age of 20, I began travelling in Europe. I first went to Yugoslavia on vacation, largely because I had heard that there were lots of naturist beaches there. Also as that, I found the folks there to be very friendly and particularly found the young folks to be very exciting. I had a short love affair with a girl in Zagreb, who was a music student, which still stands out in my memory as being among the most beautiful moments of my life, although our relationship didn’t survive very long, due to us living in different parts of Europe.
I must acknowledge that I found the Croatian women to be really amazing and many of them were interested in me at that time, being a foreigner. I afterwards returned to (what was then) Yugoslavia many times during the 1980s and my favourite spot was the island of Mljet on the Croatian coast, where many young Yugoslavs went at that time as a affordable spot to go where they could skinny-dip. Additionally , I seen, among other locations, the town of Ulcinj in Montenegro, where there was a extended stretch of unspoiled playa leading down to the Albanian border where I use to own a jet ski in southern california. was possible to go naked.
I spent the following three years living and working in Holland, where the naturist movement was just starting up at that time and where there were some nudist beaches on the coast which were popular with the young people. I found that many young Germans at that time were heavily into naturism and accepted nudity naturally, although occasionally it appeared in my experience to be contrived.
In Denmark, which was the first country in Europe to make nudity legal on all public beaches and which I seen many times between 1976 and 1980, it was also highly popular among the young folks in those days. During the 1980s and 90s, I also visited nudist beaches in the Greek islands, Portugal and Fuerteventura, which will be certainly one of my favourite spots and which I ‘d strongly recommend to anyone who wants to get away from the bunch. Unfortunately, attitudes have changed since I was younger and I’ve found that the young British people now, as opposed to accepting nudity as being natural, tend to correlate it with pornography, which they truly are seeing all the time on their computers.
I genuinely believe that this really is an extremely bad trend, but what I ‘d suggest young people and teens today who want to go naked is to ignore everything in the media and just take action anyhow. Do not listen to all the nonsense about sizes of breasts and genitals and, if you’re unhappy with your body, remember that, if you go to a nudist club or beach, the opportunities are that there will be individuals of all sorts of shapes and sizes there and that it is improbable that you will stand out. A teenage naturist is not any different than any other adolescent except for the fact which he or she might grow up to be a more accepting individual. Getting young nudists involved is crucial for the vitality of nudism and naturism in general and if more teenagers get involved then this movement will grow.
This Teenage Naturist Encounter at Eureka Nudist Club Article was published by – Young Naturists and Young Nudists America FKK
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Guest blogs written completely for Nudist Portal.

Find Out About Nudist Girls and Women Naturists

Nudist Girls And Naturist Women by Nudist Portal Site
Nudist girls and naturist women are fascinating to other “textile” ladies (as well as many guys for that matter).
These girls often have incredible self-assurance within their external appearance and they are “extraordinarily” comfortable in their own skin.
In order to spend so much time without clothing, they need to get used to being their natural selves, unadorned and bare to the world.
That might seem terrifying to those who’ve never lived as naturists, but it’s really quite liberating. Naturist girls learn many things that other women would benefit from learning at the same time.
Naturist girl in the sunlight
Attention Nudist Girls – Flaws Are Interesting Not Obstructing!
Naturist women recognize that each human body differs. Some are larger; some are smaller, some have moles and birthmarks while others have flawlessly even skin. The small differences from one body to the next add to the character and charisma of a person.
Girls who believe in the naturist culture do not set the negativity on body differences that is common by many other girls.
They understand that differences are fascinating and natural, and should consequently not be considered embarrassing.
Naturist Girls and Girls Recognize That ALL Bodies are Absolutely Perfect
Nudist Girls DoesN’t Equal Promiscuous Women!
There are so many misconceptions about naturist girls or women and sex. There is nothing else you can talk to them about, actually.
Naked or Nudist Girls Will Not Equal Promiscuous Women
These misconceptions are shattered instantaneously after you step into the life of an actual nudist. You see these women are just as true and faithful for their lovers or spouses as anyone else.
[flv: ../../upload/386.jpg 100% 300]

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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It is I first realized I enjoyed and loved practicing nudism some years ago. to be naked without thinking about sexuality.
Nudist Girls and Religion
In some religions, enjoying the nude state of being does mean you’re a sinner.
Naturist Girls and Faith
All girls do not have to prescribe to the nudist lifestyle, but they should all recognize that there is nothing shameful or sinful about their nude bodies.
Naturist Girls and The Pursuit of True Beauty
That is the final lesson that all women should learn from Before I get on with the narrative of how our first nudist experience altered the union that my . When you strip away the clothes and other embellishments, you truly see who the individual sitting across the table from you is inside. While some see naked people or the naked body as a distraction, true nudist women see the clothed and well adorned body as a distraction.
Nudist Women and The Pursuit of “True Beauty”

Mohonk Preserve Bare Trail and Naked Sunbathing At Split Rock

While we still have some beautiful autumn days left, I wanted to share a clothing-optional place to go where you can even get your outside / autumn leaf mend! It’s about an hour and half drive from NYC.
Mohonk Preserve – We went there on a bright day in August. There are numerous hiking and mountain biking trails all over this mountainous rural area, not to mention rock climbing and various other outdoor activities it is possible to do there.
The area we went to is a clothing-optional section on the Coxing Trail. It was full upon our day coming so instead we parked at the West Trapps trail head. It was a longer manners away (approx 30 minutes), but a nice hike anyway! It’s a relatively easy hike, but sneakers are recommended.

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Subsequently a ways down you reach that sign posted on the tree.
Mohonk Preserve – Split Rock Nude Section
And you’ll be able to remove all clothing and be as freely bare as the wildlife![There’s so regrettably no established name for this particular region. Many refer to Social Dilemmas with Reference to Voyeur Nudity as Split Rock, though that is the name of the textile section. More with this later.] A little farther down we found the area where people (mostly guys on this day) hang out on the flat stone lounging outside in seats or on towels. It’s at the center of the woods so there is a blend of shade and sunlight. The stream of water goes steadily around the rock, creating pools and small waterfalls. So pretty and serene!
However the water was ice cold, so swimming is best reserved for hot summer days. The area is thick with trees and loads of natural plant life for the senses to feast on. Check out these orange mushrooms I spotted and a butterfly in motion!
FKK Has Asserted The Naked Section Of Split Rock
Shortly after our visit, I wrote to the Mohonk Preserve to inquire why there is no advice on their site concerning this clothing-optional area. Their reply:
“In an attempt to adapt a diverse population of visitors, the clothes-optional area on the Coxing Kill stream is a longstanding tradition at the Mohonk Preserve. Only a rather small fraction of our visitors reap the benefits of this place.
Over the years we’ve had to handle a particular number of struggle between the vast majority of our visitors and the group using the clothing-optional area. Many of our members and visitors do not feel that that is an appropriate use of our landscape since it has the possibility of bringing families with children into contact with people in the clothes-optional area.
Families have expressed to us their distress with this exposure (pun intended) and believe that this place of the Preserve becomes, de facto, off-limits to them. Because we try to balance opportunities for I Met My Future Husband on a Nude Beach It all started when I went to spend my vacations in Bulgaria with my friend Emily to appreciate our lands, we don’t publicize the clothing-optional area on the Coxing Stream.”
Nude Butterfly Sun Bathing At Split Rock
Sounds like they ran into a little controversy and some angry parents. The typical “What about the children!” crap. Thank you, MP, for deciding that a designated clothing-optional area is proper.
Now to train people on how straightforward nudity really doesn’t hurt children. You’ll believe that with an area set aside, both groups would be able to peacefully coexist. The Preserve is huge enough! I also do not think these families realize how very few areas there are to legitimately skinny dip outdoors in NY state.
Unclothed Mushrooms Chilling Naked At The Mohonk Preserve
Anyway, we haven’t been back since August, but I’ll bet it’s innocent there this time of year! Anyone up for a clothes-optional hike this fall?
Mohonk Preserve Coxing Trail Split Rock Naked Section

Jordan Blum: So to answer your question, Alex* – to strike their heart spending demographic – Young white man middle to upper middle class and open minded to next encounters / adventurist / excitable. Likely with disposable income / access to cash and credit

So essentially. As in – The guys with I wish I really could say that I grew up in a naturist family, spending my summer holidays running round naked . Trusting to hang out with the merely youthful pretty nude ladies?
Jordan Blum: Well that is a tricky question and likely best to be answered by But in my opinion, based on just the clip, it was made with the aim to make its money on a bigger audience. This talk reaffirms that they are probably on the right track together with us not being the core demographic.
Still do not enjoy that showing boobs is the only means.
Jordan Blum: Not the only way A optimistic rapid / ROI oriented manner. Again, I could be totally wrong about everything I said, it is just the impression I get.
The remarks continued:
It’s nevertheless believe it’s a good movie and I believe there should be a fair share of showing both male and female.
Let’s hope so. I don’t expect 50/50 but I was disappointed that the primary focus appeared to be – Hey look at these pretty cheeky naked girls.
It was at this point the Nudist Clip producer chimed in herself:
To reply some worry about lack of guys in the shoot: I attempted to find more men to come and largely only women could show up.
Which prompted the following:
I feel you’ve attained that. It made me want to visit Deep Creek! I revealed my wife when I saw your clip. Somehow, I was not even aware of the male/female ratio. Perhaps it’s just me.
Perhaps it should have merely focused on the backdrop and not pay much attention to the individuals themselves
I simply believe the movie is excellent and amazing to show how entertaining skinny dipping is.
The nude folks were merely part of the wonderful backdrop. The FUN was what stood out for me
This discussion has inspired a challenge: can anyone find an example of a non- voyeuristic, sex-balanced, informative, entertaining naturism-favorable avi that can be appreciated equally by both males and females? Does such a thing even exist?
FKK has some brief videos on YouTube that do not merely flash women’s breasts. Maybe more nudists should step up and make one.
Jordan Blum: Our videos are message driven only. Plus the quality, editing, post production are truly wonderful (not too mention much more complicated and time consuming).
Ex Nudist Clip Producer: Agreed. [flv: ../../upload/315.jpg 100% 300]

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls

I got a lot of whines sent to me about the lack of identical penis time in the vid, since I directed/produced CFI past videos they believed this was mine too. I corrected them and passed information to Corky who says future ON PLACE videos could have more dudes included.
Well all the promotions for nudist resorts I ‘ve seen use women rather than men as their spokespeople.
That is true. One particular I know only uses girls despite the fact that they truly are a couples only resort.
The Real Nudist Video Producer Chimes in: I am sorry for your concern of the lack of penis . It only happens that we now have more girls at my bashes than guys.
I think it’s wonderful that you’ve got so many women at your parties!
Ex Nudist Video Producer: It’s not the lack of member there it’s the lack of it shown on avi. Not one close-up compared to the breast/vag close ups, there were men there, so anxieties I got was on the choice to omit guys in final cut. Oh well- can’t make everyone happy, trust me I know that.
Felicity Jones: That’s not the issue. The guys that ARE there are hardly seen, and there is also a voyeuristic focus on the women’s bodies. A zoom on a woman’s crotch, but no zoom on a man’s crotch. It seems like it was made just to capture the focus of straight guys. We, meaning the naturist community as a whole, can do better. We should constantly look closely at the image we’re putting out there & think about how it will be perceived. Refusing to do that’s to fail from the beginning. Thank you @Ex Producer! So happy you understand
Ex Nudist Mp4 Producer: Just
That is a very valid point, Felicity.
Excellent point, Felicity.

Social Nudism from a Teen’s POV

As an typical teenager here in America, there are lots of challenges that I face on an almost daily basis. Overall I am quite content with my present, regardless of the changes which have occurred in the past several years. I now consider myself to be in the peak of my own life. I have reached the highest point where I am ultimately discovering who I am and what my true intent is. For these reasons, I think that there are numerous influences that have shaped my life for the better. I owe an excellent deal to my friends, family, and change of lifestyle.

I’ve taken a strong curiosity about nudism within the past year plus a half. I really like the sensation of being free and not needing to be concerned about society’s everyday hassles. When nude, I feel more like myself. The single time I feel out of place is when I am around others who usually do not share my same sense of independence. This really is clear however, since not everyone is comfortable using their nudity in the way in which that I am. Part of being a naturist to me is respecting others and the way they choose to live and the things they choose to wear or not to wear. I live with my grandparents and wasn’t brought up in a nudist environment. Despite this, I had been always taught decent morals and principles. I learned not to hate, but to express feelings of courtesy and respect towards every individual.

I ‘ve always disliked waking up in the morning before school and trying to find an outfit that’s both attractive and cozy. Often times, the pants are too tight or too loose, as well as the tops are excessively short, or way too huge. You will find times when clothing is necessary obviously. I wouldn’t work around saw blades and torches while in jewelry class in the buff, just as I wouldn’t take a shower with my clothes on. In exactly the same way, I really don’t see a difficulty with a family going nude around the privacy of their own home. I frequently go sunbathing in my backyard. We also provide a second home in a more secluded area where I spend the majority of my time nude walking along the trails or swimming in the lake. It’s now become my favorite part of the summer!

It is all about freedom of choice and relaxation in a non sexual setting. At first, I had a rough time when trying to distinguish between sex and nudity. This demonstrates that when taught something at an early age, you will most likely believe in it no matter if it is truly right or wrong. I simply don’t see the harm in a couple taking a nude jog down the street to try to keep cool, or a teen boy or girl not wrapping a towel around them first thing when they get out of the shower because they are proud of their bodies and trusting to those they care about most. We all have genitals – there aren’t any secrets about that. Yet, in a public beach setting it has become more acceptable to wear tiny bikinis where over 75% of the body is showing, yet nudity is looked on to be offending in the exact same place.

The above reasons are mainly what set the stage for me to take the plunge to the unknown and try out nudism for myself! While surfing the web one afternoon, I happened to come across a web site linking to the matter. I was 15 years old only at that time, and had really not yet made the division between the thought of sex and harmless nudity. I believed that naturism was practiced by adults only. This really is where I was in for a huge surprise! A lot of them included young children, teenagers, and even entire families enjoying the advantages of nude recreation. Two things clued me in that this wasn’t pornography. The men and women in the photographs were not perfect looking models wearing makeup, or posing in a sexual manner. I also knew that if this was in fact porn, the website would not continue long with no legal problems. Then I chose to click the link that brought up some text, knowing that it was there for a motive as well. Just as every other site I have seen since this one, it featured a really healthy and positive outlook of the nudist lifestyle.

You’ll find numerous aspects of society that I have never had the opportunity to comprehend. Not once have I felt the need to fight or be considered “popular” in school. I’m loving my life much more without being involved in the never-ending popularity struggle. Instead, I prefer to be known and enjoyed, although not talked about behind my back. This way there is no pressure on me and I will choose my own friends, rather than thinking I must belong exclusively to some certain group. Overall, I’m a peaceful one who gets along well with almost everyone. I’m very turned off by things like hate and discrimination. This really is yet another reason why I’ve adopted the nudist lifestyle. Everyone is treated equal among naturists, along with a warm sense of community shines on through.

Nudism is a healthy lifestyle for almost everyone who’s curious inside it, irrespective of age or background. Many families around Meet my daughter Vasiliska participate. When you and also others around you are nude, the atmosphere becomes much more friendly and tolerant.

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Your body is understood to be a part of nature, and thus is nothing to be ashamed of. When nude, there’s nothing to hide behind any longer. All that’s left is the great awareness of independence which is nothing short of amazing